Product Description of the hose clamps "U"


Main Areas of Application:

Zoo Requirements

The hose clamp facilitates the regulation of the air and water supply to the hoses respectively (e.g. fish aquariums).

In Laboratories

In laboratory work the hose clamp can be applied to experimental apparatus in order to regulate or turn off the flow of liquid or gaseous mediums in hoses without the tap or valve (hose clamp) coming into contact with these possibly aggressive gases or liquids. Furthermore, it can be used a lot for the bottling of aggressive liquids. The great advantage is that only the hose that is obtaining – which is available in any case – must be resistant to the liquids or gases that are obtaining. It is not necessary, therefore, to have to use expansive tabs or valves made of high-grade steel, glass or teflon respectively.

The clamping bar of the hose clamps is produced in various colours so that the hoses to which a hose clamp is attached can be distinguished. In this way it is more easily possible to identify and distinguish the flowing medium obtaining in transparent hoses.

For motor vehicles

Here the hose clamp can be used for the clamping of the various hoses, e.g. fuel hose, for the removal of the fuel tank (closed container), and the removal of the engine. In removing the fuel filter the application of the hose clamp ensures that no petrol runs onto the hands or along the arms and hence onto clothing during the work.

For measuring and testing by adjustment of the engine.

In connecting the CO-measuring instrument the individual exhaust-pipes are clamped. In so doing the measure of exhaust of the various cylinders is both measurable and readable on the CO-measuring instrument. The hose on the pressure box is clamped in order to ascertain that the idling-CO-measure does not alter and to be able to establish that the idling speed remains constant.

The pressure box hose is also clamped in order to be able to adjust the choke gap.

For the clamping of the brake hose at the removal of a brake cylinder, so that no needless brake oil is lost and there is no air-intake to the remaining brake system. In so doing the brake hose directly under the brake cylinder is clamped. The great advantage among other things to be seen here is that costly bleeding work of the brake system does not apply. The remaining brake cylinders are protected by the unnecessary work.

Here it must also be mentioned that through the application of the hose clamps, in contrast to hitherto existing clamping methods, the fabric of the hoses is not damaged by the clamping, but protected, which apart from the durability of the hoses themselves, above all considerably increases thereby the safety of vehicles in operation. For this reason a leading German vehicle producer urgently stipulates the use of our hose clamps to his authorized dealers for the maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

In addition, our hose clamps offer a further means of application in the following product areas:

Drinks Machines

With drinks machines offerings a selection of several fruit drinks etc., and each containing a mixing-head providing for the correct proportion between the drink concentrate and water, it is of advantage to fix a hose clamp to the container hose at any one time. In this way the emptying and cleaning of the drinks concentrate container is made unnecessary.

Pneumatic Equipment

Existing everywhere, where single cylinders must be examined and removed. Alongside the possibility of clamping the hoses during the examination of the cylinder or other driving elements, the hose clamps can also be used as a simple means of throttling to regulate the speed of compressed-air engines or pneumatic cylinders etc.

Machine Tools

In order to control the inflowing quantity of lubricant for simple grinding machines. For the clamping of hoses of erosion machines, together with the replacement of the particular liquids.


The hose clamp consists of only 3 parts which serve to increase its safety in operation as well as durability. The clamping bar is pressed against the hose by the knurled nut over a long guide way. The main feature of the hose clamp of the series “U” is that the clamping bar, in order to fix the hose clamp to the hose, must be fully opened. The special U-guideway of this hose clamp prevents any premature sideways movement, even by an opened hose, which prevents the hose clamp falling off the hose. This advantage comes in useful first and foremost when a hose has to be opened often or repeatedly for purposes of cleaning, measuring of filling etc.

In the way that the hose clamps are fastened with the help of a knurled nut over a thread makes it possible to regulate smoothly the quantity of gases or liquids flowing in the hose. The gear ratio, which results from the gradient of the thread and the diameter of the knurled nut, has been so chosen as to allow thicker, as well as hoses under pressure, to be easily and securely clamped.

The clamping bar as well as the knurled nut consist of a high quality synthetics material, which enables a safe functioning up to approximately 100.

Special wishes

You have a special wish? Then we offer for you an individual manufacturing of your product, provided that this fits in our manufacturing possibilities. Please, get in contact with us.

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